sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2008

Triton & Marmeid

Tattoo design for a friend


Bestiary I

Contrast/volume shading exercise

HB + 6B + k. eraser + canson


HB + 6B + k. eraser + canson

Revelation (Bowels of Wrath)

HB + 6B + k. eraser + canson

Uziel's Veredictus

HB + 6B + k. eraser + canson

sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2008


I've concepted this one as tattoo design.

HB + 6B + kneaded e. + Canson

ying yang

Texture exercise.

HB + 6B + k. eraser + canson


Portraits are aways a cool excercise! Used as classic shading practice. I´ve began with the highlights - using the paper whiteness itself while I smudged the midtones areas, then the shades and back to the hightlighting final touches using the kneaded in some spots. I blotted the make up and put some vampiric eyes on her just to make a good contrast ! ;)

HB + 6B + kneaded e. + A4


This alligator was used as advertising material, some kind of soda I guess...
It was concepted for 3D modeling.

HB + 6B + kneaded eraser + A4


6B + A4


This illustration was concepted for the Scars Souls band CD cover entitled "Highbreed". The guys from the band gave me the concept - which was a hybrid biomechanoid creature half human, half alien. The "predator dreadlocks style" was my idea! heheMy friend Jobert Mello worked on the digital finalization. The initial concept of the surrounding monitors wasn´t used at last.

Take a look at the band´s official website:

Check out some really cool designs here:

HB + 6B + kneaded eraser + Canson

quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008


I´ve left some parts incomplete. Laziness, laziness...

HB + 6B + kneaded eraser + Canson

Kombi van interior

This lay-out was concepted to be used in another animated TV serie. The main characters live inside a kombi van!

6B + A4


HB + 6B + kneades eraser + Canson


I made this illustration for my old doom-metal band KANDELABRUM.

HB + 6B + kneaded eraser + canson